PinholeStarting my second year of 52 Rolls.  This community while small has been great for me.  I learn from the posts of others and it keeps me shooting film.  Today I intended to attempt shooting the eclipse with my pinhole camera, but after doing some research on the net there was not a lot of help.  I ended up on the road during the event and it was anti-climatic. Being pretty far north of the “totality” zone mid-day in New England dimmed very slightly.  I saw people here and there with their goofy looking specs on gazing to the southwestern sky.  I can’t say I am disappointed from not photographing it.

I have come to a place of experimentation spurred largely from my “mentors” in the Film Shooter’s Collective.  I am supremely fortunate to be a part of FSC’s wonderful band of dedicated film enthusiasts.  From the FSC I understand there are no boundaries or rules in photography.

I shot a few pinhole images with my Zero Seven 6X6.  I have very little experience shooting pinhole.   To expose I sometimes use the dial on the back of the camera that converts a reading to F139.  My Sekonic light meter gives a reading all the way to F129.  The Providence River image metered with the Sekonic gave me an exposure time of 3 minutes at F129 so I shot it for 4 minutes (I think, maybe 5) on a lark.  It was made at dusk.  I metered the image of the dam using a conversion table for Kodak Ektar taken from the net.  I think it was a 2 minute exposure.  I am not sure if the color in the sky is from the light or from my first use of steel reels with 120 film and improper loading.  The reflection of the dam is expanded into the water like silly putty.

I like pinhole from its simplicity and unpredictability.  I am not one for organization or sticking to resolutions.  For now the intent is to use one camera per month and this month it is pinhole…..I resolve to shoot less but more….




4 thoughts on “2/1

  1. These are beautiful! I also have little experience with pinhole, having shot maybe ten rolls. I have an Ondu which offers both regular 35mm and panoramic options. I lost the exposure guideline card that came with it (of course) and find I usually just wing it with exposures…but that’s more my style with everything. I really do love the saturation of color in these images ❤️


    • Thank you! I am terrible with recording information about exposures. I will try to discipline myself (unlikely) to do so and learn from it and pass on my experiences over the next month…..It’s great fun.


  2. Loving these images Lou!!! Especially the providence river, Ive taken some from there and have been meaning to go back there….I have never shot with a pinhole camera but seeing these make me want to start looking in to it….beautiful!!


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