Wk 31(2017): Last Week revisited in IR

Last week I visited the Pawnee Buttes and finished off the roll back home. I brought a second camera on that Journey loaded with Rollei 400 IR film.

I’ve learned that the ‘IR effect,” specifically the white vegetation varies depending on the angle of the sun. About half of these images achieved the effect, while half did not. I also suspect the type and condition of the vegetation plays a role.

Same old house as last week.

Images made with a Mamiya 6, 50 mm wide angle lens, recorded on Rollei 400 IR film shot at an EI of 10. Developed in Clayton F76+ developer, and scanned on an Epson V700 flatbed scanner.


3 thoughts on “Wk 31(2017): Last Week revisited in IR

  1. I really like next to the last one.the road starting in the left hand corner……i’ve been wanting to try this film….did you use a infrared filter? Some reading I’ve done i see them talk about a hoya R72 filter…..This is differently gonna be put on my film to shoot list, thanks


    • There area two filters you want to consider. They are slightly different, but both appropriate for shooting IR film. I used a B+W IR Dark Red 092 filter, also listed as 89B. The R72 has a slightly different spectral response. I suspect that your exposure will differ about a stop between the two. I shot a number of rolls using my camera’s internal light meter measuring visible light. I shot a series of exposures of the same shot so that I exposed the film at EI’s of 6,12,and 25. I found that given my style of development and my meter’s response, the best “looking” negatives occurred when I exposed at an EI of 6. My wife uses the R72 and shoots at an EI of 25. I also found that trying to meter thru the IR filter just didn’t work. My exposures were inconsistent and almost always off. Reading how other people metered their IR photos, it seems that no one tries to meter thru the IR filter. I’d also recommend bracketing, since this recipe is intended for bright cloudless days, where the sun is behind me. Overcast light or side light will change the amount of IR available to capture.

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