Weeks 31,32, and 33

Week 31 (05/22-05/28) –Pentax 67ii and Ektar 100 +2  – Summer in our house20170503-00001562000120170503-00001562000220170503-00001562000320170503-00001562000420170503-00001562000520170503-00001562000620170503-00001562000720170503-00001562000820170503-00001562000920170503-000015620010

Week 32 (05/28-06/04) –Canon AE1 and Fuji Superia 400 (no metering!)  – Field Trip


Week 33 (06/04-11) –Pentax 67ii and Ektar 100 – Summer Film Party




4 thoughts on “Weeks 31,32, and 33

  1. These are beautiful images. The composition is fantastic. The Ektar colors are glorious. What lens or lenses do you use and prefer for the 67. I have one being delivered shortly. So well done….


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