52 Rolls Week 34:52

Some images from the Nebraska Road Trip.  And a Film Test for Film Ferrania P30 exposed as recommended, with disappointing results.

Showing Landmarks along the Oregon Trail: Courthouse and Jail Rocks.


Chimney Rock (left) and un-named Butte near Scott’s Bluff (right).

For more images along the road in Nebraska Click Here.

Tech Info:  Minolta XD-11 with Tamron 28-200 zoom lens; Film Ferrania P30 exposed as recomended at ISO 80 with a dark orange filter (so flatness is surprising).  Next film test for P30 will be at +1 over and we’ll see what happens.  Developed and scanned by Old School Labs.



3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 34:52

  1. Interesting results. I wonder if the ambient light conditions are relevant? I shot roll on an overcast day near the ocean, at box speed, and got beautiful contrasty results with lovely blacks.


  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that the camera may be at fault…..So the XD-11 is off to the repair shop. Trying another roll in my X-700 soon. I still think that I’ll be sticking with T-max 400 as my favorite 35mm film.


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