6/52 Agfa Vista 200


Eros and another similarly glorious ship are kindred at the Herresoff Marine dock.

This week it is Agfa Vista 200.  This roll was shot at 100 since my other attempts with the film were a bit muddy.  I used the Contax G2.  I think I am getting the hang of the camera.  It is important to check the distance scale after automatic focus is achieved.  Sometimes the camera (from user error) focuses on unintended things.  The central focus frame has to be carefully placed on the subject.   I have given up for the time being trying to use open apertures since it gives more leeway.  I like Agfa Vista, it is the film that indirectly drove me to the love of film photography.  After constantly using the similar VSCO film simulation on my digital images, I decided to migrate to film photography.  It was not until a few months ago that I purchased a brick of Agfa Vista.  It is very inexpensive, dries flat and scans pretty well.   The colors are vivid, although I am finding that the G2’s lens (I have only used the 45mm lens) seems to render colors a bit less vividly than other good quality lenses.   Sharpness of the film seems good, not quite up to the results from Portra which has a similar color palette.

Brim and Box

My hat and trust Fuji X 100. I love this camera.

Port Side

This vessel has been docked at the Herreshoff Marine Museum for the better part of the summer. It has a fill time live-aboard crew, a group of Southern boys.


She flies a foreign flag.


I accidentally turned the multiple exposure button and ended up layering 2 frames. I post it because of its oddity and it is sort of intriguing. Nice to know this feature is easy to use (intentionally and unintentionally) with this camera.


The earlier image I posted of this sax player was black and white. I like the color better…


4 thoughts on “6/52 Agfa Vista 200

  1. Love the one with the hat and camera, also the double x,……..I also like the colors……if I was to shoot color this is what I would want, sort of pastels….not to bright.


  2. I like the color in your shots. Especially the ones in more subdued light such as the hat and the double exposure.


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