10/52 With the Behomoth

These images were taken with a Pentax 67.  All were shot using the miraculous 105mm f 2.4 lens.  The resolving power of the lens far exceeds the ability of my scanner to capture it.  The black and white shots were underexposed unintentionally but the detail preserved resulted in pleasing images.  The camera is massive and heavy.  After I finish the existing roll I will mount a waist level finder on it.  I think this will lighten the load and help with hand held shooting, but maybe it won’t!  Film used was Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak TriX….CadyCady2House on the Point A.lmnrHouse on the Point 2House on the PointACady in Light


4 thoughts on “10/52 With the Behomoth

  1. Really like the look of the Portra 400 images. I’ve only used the 160. Will have to give the other a try. Did you modify the colors at all, or is this a straight scan?


    • Straight scans. I had to play with the exposure a bit as I was doing guesswork. In some cases I dropped the blacks. Can’t recall exactly. I shot at ISO 200 for the 400 speed and I think at 160 for the 160 film.


    • Oh, sorry. On these images I did not alter the colors at all. Just brought up the shadows slightly on the underexposed image of the boat. I thought you were talking about my Sao Miguel images. There I had to fiddle a bit…I try to edit minimally. Most of the edits were for white balance because I had no filters but for the polarizer. The polarizer on the Leica (Sao Miguel images) gives a soft rendering to the colors. On the behomoth, it’s all Pentax glory without edits except as stated.


    • Kelly, I was shooting the Pentax metered at 200 but I’m not sure about accuracy of the meter. White balance may be a bit off but I like the colors as is. I bracketed the exposures for different effects. The detail from the 105 lens blows me away.


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