2017, Roll 15: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Through the last four months of 2016, Emulsive.org ran the @FP4Party. Film shooters were encouraged to burn up a roll of the Ilford film during the first week of the month and post results on Twitter during the third. There was a competition for the best entries, voted on by the site’s followers. Advertisements

2017, Roll 12 – Photographing Mikey’s Citroën

A couple of Sundays ago, I was lucky enough to be invited by Iain to take pictures of our mutual friend Mikey‘s classic Citroën DS. Mikey takes his beautiful car out once a month or so through the winter and the plan was for us to make some pictures of it in darkness, lit by LED streetlights…

2017, Roll 10 – Aeaea

Another roll shot on our trip to Poland last month. This time it’s Kodak Portra 400, that I accidentally shot at 200, resulting in what looks to me like slightly more colour than usual.

2017, Roll 9 – Nebelschwaden

Another 52 Rolls Project entry… …and another roll shot on my brief trip to Poland in January. This time it was Ilford XP2 Super, generously given to me by my friend Iain. He’d bought in Poland and I’d promised to return it to the country to shoot it.

2017, Roll 5 -Too Much Kissing

One of the downsides to posting individual rolls to the 52 Rolls blog is that pictures will be posted up out of context. If you’re the type of photographer that gathers pictures  into collections over many years, the shots on a roll will often be quite eclectic and not make a lot of sense when…

2017, Roll 5 – Heart Sunk Hank

This film started out in my Lomography Action Sampler sometime early last year. I’m not sure I’ve ever finished a film in that camera as usually, I don’t find enough opportunities to fill a roll. If you’ve not come across one before, the Action Sampler is all plastic and uses a clockwork, plastic mechanism to sequentially…